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Securing Responsible Raw Materials Sourcing and supply chain

Release Time:2023.11.28

SanHuan Magsound is committed to responsible procurement activities and promoting the construction of a responsible raw material supply chain. SanHuan Magsound promises to comply with the relevant regulations of the country, industry and customers, take appropriate actions fulfill the investigation responsibilities of high­ risk raw materials and disclose the measures taken in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and customer requirements.


At the same time, the procurement supply chain is managed, and the following requirements for suppliers for responsible raw material procurement are put forward:


1.    Suppliers shall commit to and take reasonable measures to improve the transparency of the supply chain, ensure the procurement of minerals, materials and components that are free of conflict and do not cause social problems such as human rights and cooperate in the construction of a responsible supply chain.

2.    With regard to the origin and distribution chain of minerals, suppliers shall conduct due diligence to prevent the mining and trade of metals such as tantalum, tin, tungsten, gold and cobalt contained in their products from contributing directly or indirectly to illegal armed conflicts.

3.    Cooperate with SanHuan Magsound to conduct supply chain investigations at any time and provide due diligence measures in accordance with laws and regulations or customer requirements.